Elliptical Louvres

When the design calls for full bodied architectural louvres with strength of appearance and high wind resistance elliptical louvres are the clear choice. We offer a range of blade profiles to suit all rectangular applications. Our elliptical louvres are high quality extruded aluminium and engineered for wide spans and easy adaption to building structures. There are endless color options since the system is powder coated or anodised to specification.

Elliptical louvres are typically used horizontally or vertically as façade or balcony shading elements, or as overhead sunshading within a supporting steel structure. The innovative 225 Weathershade forms a waterproof roof and doubles as a sun protection.

Key Features

  • 92mm slat is ideal for sliding balcony shutters
    180mm and 300mm louvres for dramatic façade effect or overhead shading
    Motorised operation with remote, local switching or advanced automation
    Louvres can follow the sun path for optimal shading  using our LON control system
    Highly efficient solar protection
    Excellent wind stability
    Market leading waterproof roof with unique lapped curve profile
    Can be fixed or operable


  • Private residences
    All commercial buildings
    Apartment projects including upper deck shading
    Public buildings
    Swimming pools and beachside structures
    Hospitality particularly cafes and restaurants
    Garden Structures

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