Markisolettes combine the advantages of a vertical awning with those of a drop arm awning. The upper window area is securely shaded from the sun. The lower glazing is protected but daylight enters from the side so that spaces remain light but protected from solar radiation. Views to the exterior are maintained which is an important requirement particularly in work spaces. Markisolettes add interest to a facade particularly for single plane facades where shadow and diversity of color and texture can greatly benefit. With many customisable features and Warema’s famous German quality engineering Markisolettes are a valuable addition to any project.

Key Features

  • Huge range of available fabrics including acrylics and performance screens
    Huge range of colors and finishes for metal components
    Motorised and manual options
    Adjustable pitch point to match window rails or suit façade style
    Good wind stability due to minimal projection
    Many control options including building automation
    Several models available to suit budget and style


  • Private residences
    Office buildings
    Public buildings
    Conservation Architecture

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