W20 Conservatory Awning

The W20 is stylish conservatory awning from Warema which features a newly designed slim cassette to protect the fabric when not in use and utilizes the patented new Warema SecudriveĀ® guidance system.

A world first in shading technology SecudriveĀ® incorporates a stainless spring steel ribbon for perfect guidance of the fabric, providing excellent wind stability and eliminating direct sunlight from the fabric edge.

Large sizes of up to 24 square metres are possible leading to a range of applications.

Key Features

  • Huge range of fabrics and custom powder coat colors
  • Slimline guiderails for total concealment behind roof framing
  • Slim cassette is a striking architectural element
  • Wide range of control options
  • A wind stabilising roller is included for maximum stability on larger sizes


  • Skylights
  • Light Courts
  • Glazed outdoor structures
  • Glass Conservatories
  • Sloping wall windows

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