Zip Awnings

WAREMA's Zip block out blinds are designed to have extermely high wind stability. They are stable in winds of up to 24m/s(78km/hr) or 9 on the Beaufort scale. The guide rail design secures the fabric in the rail keeping it firmly held under a controlled amount of tension. The result is the use of fabric blinds in situations where previously not possible. Available with square or round cassettes in widths up to 6m and drops up to 6m with a max area per blind 18m2. ZIP blinds can be mounted directly to facades or on small standoff brackets. A range of advanced fabrics, cut glare, reduce solar gain and can allow a view to the exterior. 

Key Features

  • Extensive range of fabric colors and types
  • Extensive color range for the frame and components
  • Rigid components for very high wind resistance
  • Stylish and finely detailed cassette and operating components
  • Range of models for face mounting or integration into building facades
  • Choice of rail sizes
  • Several awnings can be linked on a common motor or crank
  • Wide range of types to suit the budget

Common Applications

  • Private residences
  • Apartments
  • Low rise commercial buildings
  • Low rise public and recreation buildings
  • Historic Buildings

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