W10 Conservatory Awning

W10 is a large capacity conservatory awning with a difference. Warema's unique side tensioning system maintains fabric tension in both directions and conceals the light gap that is normally seen between fabric and guiderail. The fabric is drawn and extended with a unique spring steel slat concealed in the guiderails. This operating principle ensures that the awning always draws square, accurately and smoothly. Triangular awnings Type D1 & D2 are partner products utilizing the same cassette profile. This family of awnings can be combined to treat complex glazed hipped roof structures.

Key Features

  • Extensive range of fabric colors and types.
  • Extensive color range for the frame and components.
  • Advanced tensioning system for superior wind resistance.
  • Precision marine grade stainless components for longevity and smooth operation.
  • Stylish and finely detailed cassette and operating components.
  • Several awnings can be linked on a common motor.
  • Option for integrated sun & wind sensoring requiring no "add on" sensors.

Common Applications

  • Commercial Atria or skylights.
  • Workspaces with overhead glazing.
  • Residential glazed skylights.
  • Landscape structures
  • Streetscape structures