W5 Conservatory Awning

Our W5 retractable curved conservatory awning extends to cover the glass roof then curves around to follow the glass exterior walls providing additional shading. The curve can turn in a single radius or multiple radii to allow custom fitting in most situations. It features a slimline cassette profile that integrates inconspicuously into the roofline. The fabric is drawn with a pair of toothed belts concealed in the guiderails. This operating principle ensures that the awning always draws square, accurately and smoothly. Optimal fabric tension is always maintained with a unique operating concept.

Key Features

  • Economical shading to suit most rectangular applications.
  • Extensive range of fabric colors and types.
  • Extensive color range for the frame and components.
  • Advanced tensioning system for superior wind resistance.
  • Precision marine grade stainless components for longevity and smooth operation.
  • Stylish and finely detailed cassette and operating components.
  • Several awnings can be linked on a common motor.
  • Option for integrated sun & wind sensoring requiring no "add on" sensors.

Common Applications

  • Conservatories.
  • Extensions with glazed roofing and walls.
  • Glazed curved skylights.
  • Greenhouses.
  • Streetscape structures.