Warema Dim Out External Venetian Blinds

Warema produces a range of "Dim Out" external venetian blinds with superior light blocking and exterior sun shading capability. In addition to reducing solar heat gain, eliminating glare and redirecting daylight, dim out external venetian blinds have features such as rubberised seals on the slats edges, tilting bottom rails, much smaller penetrations in the slats where the lifting tapes pass through and optional seals in the side guide rails which are all designed to prevent light from entering through and around the edges of the blinds. External sun shading with additional benefits. All aluminium and fully retractable dim out external venetian blinds are ideal for bedrooms, audio visual rooms, boardrooms, laboratories or anywhere where light levels need to be tightly controlled for comfort or performance.

Key Features

  • Full tilt rotation, height adjustable and retractable
  • Specially designed range of slat sizes and shapes 73mm,90mm,93mm
  • Special side guide rails to block light from entering
  • Rubberised seals on slats lower edges
  • Shaped tilting bottom rails to ensure slat sealing when closed
  • Extensive color range available
  • Good wind stability (10-12 m/s) when installed close to the glass

Warema EVB Slat Profiles Dim Out


  • On bedroom windows providing relief to people who are sensitive to light levels when sleeping
  • Audio visual presentation rooms including boardrooms and schools for improved visual projection or screen experience
  • Laboratories where light levels need to be tightly controlled

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