Wind Stable External Venetian Blinds

External sun shading in exposed locations poses additional challenges. Warema’s range of wind stable external venetian blinds extends their use to mid-rise buildings up to approximately 12 levels or applications where the acceptable wind threshold is up to 90 km/h. The wind stable profile offers the rigidity of a rolled edge slat with a unique special interlocking shape that forms a firmly braced plane against wind pressure. Furthermore two forms of guidance work in unison to securely anchor the slat ends, and a partitioning guide rail profile ensures that vacuum effects on the building side are minimized.

Key Features

  • Unique S shape with noise deadening rubber inserts
  • Multifold geometry provides excellent rigidity
  • Unique profile with low stacking depth
  • Special guide rails to reduce local air pressures
  • Extensive color range available
  • Special colors can be manufactured for large projects
  • Daylight guidance feature available
  • Special ladder cords that provide complete slat closure
  • Tilts through 90 degrees
  • Superior sound attenuation

Warema EVB Slat Profiles Dim Out


  • Mid-rise buildings of typically up to 12 levels depending on location
  • ESD buildings for Green Star compliance
  • Low rise buildings in very high wind speed locations
  • Buildings where the blinds must be almost permanently down

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