Ceiling Roller Blinds

The Warema range of internal sun protection for overhead glazing keeps out harmful sun in summer and prevents heat loss in winter. Heat gain and loss through overhead glazing is many times greater than conventional windows making solar protection an essential addition.

Engineered with a unique tensioning system our ceiling roller blinds are guaranteed to look smart, move with precision and due to a range of guidance options, integrate seamlessly with your building.

Ceiling roller blinds are also an ideal solution to darken bedrooms and for visual protection from surrounding buildings.

Key Features

  • Specialised range of fabrics designed for optimum tensioning
    Wide range of powdercoat colors for guides and cassette
    Unique “differential” tensioning system
    Several guidance options for integration with roof structure
    Surface mounting in filigree cassette enclosure or recess mount in designed cavity
    Wide range of control options


  • Skylights
    Glass conservatories
    Sloping wall windows
    Unglazed ceiling voids
    Commercial or domestic