Daylight Guidance Venetian Blinds

Daylight is a valuable resource; intelligently controlled it offers ideal conditions for today’s working environment. By enhancing daylight but without glare, reducing heat gain and saving the running cost, heat generation and compromised light quality of artificial lighting workspaces feel fresh, active and more natural. A connection to outside is maintained through a band of perforation on the shaded portion of the slat profile.

Warema’s daylight guidance venetian blinds use a variety of photometric concepts to reflect, filter and redirect light to the working plane where it is needed. Radiation is reflected from the interior, returning through the glazing at the same wavelength, far exceeding the limitations of other internal blind types. Installation inside the glass, interstitially or within a double skin façade allows tall buildings to be effectively shaded and together with the WAREMA LonWorks control system provide perfectly metered daylight in all light conditions.


Key Features

  • 25,35, 50, 60, 80, 100 mm slat widths available.
  • Special flexible alloy slat material.
  • Slats coated on the interior face with a special low reflectivity finish.
  • Slats polished on the exterior face with a high reflectivity finish.
  • Two technologies available; Concave or “Genius” slat profile.
  • TLT split angle feature available; also with double motor.
  • Extensive customisable features.
  • Tilts through 80 degrees.
  • Perforated slats are available.
  • Guide cables or freely suspended.

Warema EVB Slat Profiles Genius

Warema EVB Slat Profiles Daylight Guidance


  • Office environments.
  • Internal sun shading of vertical glass for buildings requiring a glare free working plane.
  • High rise buildings.
  • ESD buildings for Green Star compliance.
  • Double skin façade buildings.
  • Commercial buildings with deep floor plates.
  • Buildings with limited access to natural light.