Product Information H3 & H4

WAREMA H3 & H4 Horizontal Roof Shading Awnings (Pleated)

Warema's H3 and H4 pleated fabric, horizontal, retractable roof shading awnings are designed to be used under large glazed areas or atria where sun shading is required. The pleated fabric is pulled out and drawn back by means of transverse aluminium carrier bars. A large colour choice of Soltis 92 fabrics is available with specialised fabrics available on application. The awning structure is supported each side on either stainless cables or aluminium guide rails for a smooth, quiet operation. The awnings can be inclined up to 5° when opening from bottom to top.

Key Features

  • Large range of Solits 92 fabric colours available.
  • Specialist DYNEEMA fibre traction rope and marine grade stainless pulleys and fixing components for longevity and smooth operation.
  • Transverse colour matched aluminium RHS sections support the fabric.
  • Extensive powder coat range for exposed aluminium parts.
  • Cover panels available.


  • Hotels and Restaurants.
  • Shopping Centres.
  • Aquatic and other Sporting facilities.
  • Commercial Buildings.

Available Types


Warema’s H3 pleated fabric horizontal roof shading awning is an internal style awning that provides maximum sun protection ability and durability. Superior material selection and quality is evident from the clear coated 6mm stainless steel cables supporting the awning through to detail like the DYNEEMA traction rope that operates the awning. DYNEEMA is an extremely strong synthetic fibre with low extensibility. Highly resistant to UV it does not suffer from tension fatigue as other fibres do and it can sustain a very large number of peak loads without losing strength. This gives it long life and a high safe working load. It is also saltwater proof making it ideal for use in pool enclosures.