Internal Roller Blinds - Commercial Range

Our commercial roller programme includes componentry for the manufacture of blinds up to 7 meters wide and heights of up to 20 metres. The typical application is extremely wide openings or the interior of large glazed structures. A special range of fabrics designed for higher tension and precision rolling with excellent longevity is used. This includes various weave patterns and openness factors as well as a block out version with or without a reflective backing. The system components require pre-planning due to the weight and stresses placed on the structure.

Our large commercial range is suitable for ceiling recesses or façade mounting into preconfigured steel mounting points.

Larger rollers allow greater spans, faster fabric travel and increased fabric stability achieved by a reduction in the number of rotations. Whilst not as effective as external blinds in reducing solar load, large glazed structures are often unsuitable for external applications, and commonly the brief is primarily to reduce glare in which case an internal solution is ideal.

Key Features

  • Huge range of available fabrics including block out, screens and translucent
    Spans of up to 7 metres and heights of up to 20 metres
    Range of motors for local operation or connection to building management systems
    Blinds are stand-alone. Non linked
    Choice of base rail or welded pocket
    Special features are possible
    Option of guide cables
    ZIP rail version available for light sealing and perfect fabric tension
    Shop drawing service for bespoke requirements


  • Private residences with wide openings greater than 4.5 metres
    Sports Facilities
    Commercial building foyers
    Public buildings. Museums and Libraries
    Airports, transport facilities
    Special use buildings