contact panelAfter what seems like a long and never-ending Winter, Summer is finally on its way which means nicer weather and warmer days.  Keeping the inside of your home comfortable and maximising the use of your outdoor spaces make Summer so much more enjoyable.

Here are just a few ways that Shade Factor can help you get ready for Summer.

External Venetian Blinds to keep direct sunlight out!

External Venetians are a smart way to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. Most of the heat we pump back out of our homes by air conditioning gets in through glass windows and roofs even with double-glazing. Our External Venetians have tilting blades that allow natural light in to the room whilst reflecting direct sun away from the building, thus creating a light-filled and comfortable space, and reducing your energy costs. They look great too.  :: Read More >>

EVB Compilation

Folding Arm "Café" Awnings - a classic solution for decks and patios

Folding Arm Awnings allow you to create large areas of shade over your outdoor areas, and can retract out of sight when not needed. Warema’s durable Terrea range provides a huge choice of fabrics and colours, and projections up to 4m through exceptional German engineering.  :: Read More >>


Perea range of Self-Supporting Pergola Awnings

The Warema Perea range of Self-Supporting Pergola Awnings provide you a true roof over your outdoor spaces, combining weather-proof fabrics and integrated rain guttering. Awnings are exceptionally strong and wind resistant, with up to 6m in width and 6m in depth available. Combined with Zip Awnings, Self-supporting Pergola Awnings can become a completely controllable outdoor room.  :: Read More >>


Zip Screens

As their name suggests, Zip Awnings employ zips along their outer edge that open and close as the blinds are raised or lowered.  As a result, they are highly wind-resistant and extremely durable.  Zip awnings can be used on their own or in conjunction with other Warema awnings such as the Perea range.  With semi-transparent fabric, you can continue enjoying your view whilst keeping out the wind and direct sunlight.  :: Read More >>



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