Control Systems

Warema's universal remote controls provide an easy and convenient way to operate our complete range of external venetian blinds and awnings. Our home automation range is inexpensive, simple to use and elegant in design. Hand held and wall mounted remotes are available in 3 colour ranges of black, white or silver.
Warema Timer & Comfort Timer controls offer a simple solution to control the position of your sun-shade system. Two switch times are available for each day. The Warema Comfort Timer takes your comfort a step further by tilting internal or external venetian blinds to your desired slat angle after the blind is lowered.
The Warema Minitronic Dialog is a feature rich sun-shading control system that offers protection from the elements for your sun-shading and new levels of comfort. Minitronic is an inexpensive solution for homes and small projects, or a central controller for large buildings with simple control requirements.
Warema's Wisotronic Dialog is a multifunctional sun-shading control system that intelligently controls sun-shading or ventilation devices according to climatic conditions and offering new levels of comfort and protection. One system independently manages one, two, three or four different sun-shade products or compass directions.
The Warema Quatronic Dialog is a commercial DIN rail or surface mounted central controller to be used in conjunction with the Warema range of Kompact motor control units or as an input device to a BMS system.
Climatronic is a feature rich control automation system suitable for homes and buildings small and large that measures climate information and operates products intelligently to achieve interior comfort and energy efficiency. Climatronic uses a Bus protocol meaning that communication within the system uses data rather than simple current switching. All components are addressable with the…