WAREMA Wisotronic Blind Control Automation


Warema's Wisotronic Dialog is a multifunctional sun-shading control system that intelligently controls sun-shading or ventilation devices according to climatic conditions and offering new levels of comfort and protection. One system independently manages one, two, three or four different sun-shade products or compass directions.

Wisotronic Dialog gives you the freedom to operate your sun-shading products by local switching or leave the operation entirely to the automatic control. The Wisotronic guards your sun shading product against harmful weather influences and offers comprehensive comfort functions. The advanced software evaluates data on wind, rain, brightness, inside and outside temperature, relative humidity and time and then uses controls the connected sun shading products accordingly to your requirements.

Warema's Wisotronic family is available in 1 to 4 channel versions, according to your project and is an ideal central control unit for medium building projects such as houses and conservatories, or offices.

WAREMA Wisotronic and Sensor WAREMA Wisitronic set

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