WAREMA Universal Remote Controls (with RCX® Technology)

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Warema's universal remote controls provide an easy and convenient way to operate our complete range of external venetian blinds and awnings. Our range is inexpensive, simple to use and elegant in design.

Ultra slim, 1 or 8 channel handheld remotes have a convenient operating range of up to 30m or even further in open plans areas.

The stylish wall mounted 1 or 8 channel remote switches are available for situations where handheld remotes may not be desired or could be misplaced and have the same range.

Remote controls allow you to easily adjust your awning(s) or external venetian blind(s) from any position and will save you money as no wiring is required from the switch to the motor. Battery life is typically 2 to 3 years when used in normal situations.

Hand held and wall mounted remotes are available in black, white or silver.

WAREMA Weather Station ECO Sensor


To keep you comfortable and your home at the optimum temperature and brightness Warema's remote control range includes a solar powered Weather Station ECO.

The Weather Station ECO is entirely solar powered. No wiring is required for it's installation. Simply fit Weather Station ECO where its most convenient and appropriate.

The Weather Station ECO has built in sensors for measuring "Lux", the sun's brightness or glare level and an anemometer for reading the wind speed.

Simple, adjustable set and forget functions allow Weather Station ECO to automatically adjust any awnings or blinds according to your needs and the changing conditions throughout the day.

For convenience Warema have provided the ability to switch on/off the sun control temporarily with a single command from the handheld or wall mounted remotes.

WAREMA Weather Station PLUS Sensor


For products which also require automated rain sensoring Warema offers the Weather Station PLUS sensor.

Weather Station PLUS measures brightness, wind speed, rain and outside temperature. This sensor is hardwired to a 240V supply.

Weather Station PLUS is used in concert with Warema's range of remote control transmitters.

For more information on how these controls can help you in your application please call us.

Connectable Products

Note that list is not exhaustive. Many other products may be possible. Contact us for advice.

Internal roller blinds  
Internal pleated blinds  
Motorised curtains  
Internal venetian blinds  
Roman blinds  
External venetian blinds  
All external awning types  
Louvre roofs  
Motorised windows  
Ventilation louvres  
Garage doors  
Sliding gates  
Breezeway louvres  
Velux skylights  
Dimmable Lights  
Standard lights