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Central BUS systems

Energy efficiency, comfort, safety and flexibility are key considerations in modern buildings. To achieve this, many buildings now use a Building Management System to co-ordinate the operation of mechanical and electrical equipment such as blinds, ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems. Equipment is controlled by the Building Management System using a BUS system, a common messaging protocol.

Shade Factor can design and implement simple through to very complex BUS systems to meet a wide variety of requirements. Warema controls can either "be the network" or seamlessly join another compatible network.

Warema climatronic® 3.0 KNX
Warema KNX automation network example

Climatronic is a feature rich control automation system suitable for homes and buildings small and large that measures climate information and operates products intelligently to achieve interior comfort and energy efficiency.

Climatronic KNX is a version which uses the KNX protocol meaning that communication within the system uses data rather than simple current switching. The central controller is programmed to control the network of KNX-enabled devices such as blinds, HVAC and lighting via a KNX Gateway.

KNX Network

KNX logo

Warema have a wide range of KNX devices and software to create or join a KNX BUS network:

  • Software for designing and programming KNX
  • KNX Receivers and Actuators
  • Sensoring devices for environmental monitoring and system input 
LonWorks® technology
LONWorks sample network

LonWorks® ensures that components as varied as sun shading systems, heating, cooling and lighting work together seamlessly. This opens up many different options: for example, windows and outside doors close if a storm occurs and the sun shading system moves into the shading position – damage and danger are avoided. All products with LonWorks® standard work together regardless of the manufacturer. That means you can benefit from proven WAREMA quality for the automation of your construction project.

C-Bus and BACnet

BACnet logo

C-Bus and BACnet are two common protocols for controlling HVAC, blinds, lighting and many other devices.

C-Bus has become very popular in Australia as it represents a cost-effective solution for home automation.

Warema blinds can be controlled by C-Bus and BACnet.

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