External Systems

External Venetian Blinds

  • Standard

    Exterior sun shading of windows using Warema's Standard External Venetian Blinds reduces the heating effects of solar radiation by up to 90% to create relaxing, comfortable interior spaces. Unlike textile blinds external venetians can admit reflected light resulting in light-filled working or living spaces and reducing the need for artificial lighting throughout the day. An external view and connection to the exterior is maintained on demand through tilted venetian slats whilst privacy is preserved. When light levels drop external venetian blinds can automatically retract fully out of sight. This feature also provides easy access to the glass for cleaning.

  • ProVisio

    Warema external venetian blinds with Provisio technology not only provide heat protection and glare control but also improved visual privacy.  ProVisio Technology can improve the view out based on the changing inclination throughout the entire length of the slat that is designed to mimic the human angle of sight.  This ensures the best view out through the slats at eye level while maintaining total privacy from the outside looking in.

  • Asymmetric

    Warema asymmetrical external venetian blinds provide complete exterior sun shading control to asymmetrical window shapes. Designers now have the freedom to include a range of window designs in areas subject to high radiant load. The special telescopic base rail together with an advanced mechanical operating system allows this type of external venetian blind to both tilt and fully retract; The solution is unique and the operation, accurate and smooth. Large and multisided shapes can be solved with a series of blinds.

  • Wind Stable

    Warema’s range of Wind-Stable External Venetian Blinds extends their use to mid-rise buildings up to approximately 12 levels or applications where the acceptable wind threshold is up to 90 km/h.

  • Colour Options

    For inspiration and to see all available colour options for our External Venetian Blinds click here

Terrea Awnings

  • Standard

    Warema's standard folding arm awning range offers a traditional awning appearance with the advantage of superior German engineering and highly customisable features. Refined exterior sun shading products in a class of their own.

  • Recess

    Warema's 700S recess awning utilises robust mechanical operating components to provide relaible sun shading on demand.

    Ideal for any outdoor areas and available as a single unit up to 6000mm wide x 3000mm projection.

  • Semi-Cassette

    Warema’s semi cassette folding arm awning brings together the mechanical operating components within an extruded weather cover in a single finely detailed form.

    Ideal for Cafes and large outdoor areas and available as a single unit up to 7000mm wide x 4000mm projection and combined up to 13000mm wide x 4000mm projection.

  • Cassette

    When it comes to exterior sun shading Warema's full cassette folding arm awning range stands out as refined and resolved in every way. The full cassette design completely encloses and protects the awning fabric and operating components within a full length extruded aluminium cassette. This high strength aluminium body provides a stylish, tidy and compact appearance to the awning range while extending the lifespan of the awning fabric and all moving parts. These exterior sun shading, full cassette folding arm awnings are available with an impressive list of features, colours and options. 

Perea Pergola Awnings

  • Perea P40

    P40 is one of our large spanning pergola awnings beautifully designed to provide retractable weather protection for outdoor entertaining areas. P40 provides protection from both sun and light rain over areas up to 6500mm wide and projections of up to 7000mm.

  • Perea P60

    Where weatherproofing meets delicate design, the P60 from Warema is a weather-proof, large-area sun shading system for shading residential and commercial areas

  • Perea P70

    When sophistication is combined with weatherproofing and sunshading.  The Perea P70 from Warema is extremely wind-stable with it's travelling cross sections ensuring firm tension of its transparent fabric that is also rainwater-proof. 

External Fabric Awnings

  • Conservatory Awnings

    Our selection of Warema Conservatory Awnings features a newly designed slim cassette to protect the fabric when not in use and utilizes the patented new Warema Secudrive® guidance system.  A world first in shading technology Secudrive® incorporates a stainless spring steel ribbon for perfect guidance of the fabric, providing excellent wind stability and eliminating direct sunlight from the fabric edge.

  • Vertical Awnings

    Warema's vertical sun shading awning range combines supreme style with important solar reduction properties. A range of advanced fabrics, cut glare, reduce solar gain and allow a view to the exterior. Precision engineered motors, noise insulated guide rails and stylish componentry combine to create a smooth and long lasting awning. Vertical awnings are typically installed close to the glazing and exhibit good wind resistance and insulation effects.

  • High Wind Zip Screens

    Warema's Zip block out blinds are designed to have extermely high wind stability. They are stable in winds of up to 24m/s(78km/hr) or 9 on the Beaufort scale. The guide rail design secures the fabric in the rail keeping it firmly held under a controlled amount of tension. The result is the use of fabric blinds in situations where previously not possible. Available with square or round cassettes in widths up to 6m and drops up to 6m with a max area per blind 18m2. ZIP blinds can be mounted directly to facades or on small standoff brackets. A range of advanced fabrics, cut glare, reduce solar gain and can allow a view to the exterior. 

  • Drop Arm Awnings

    Warema's drop arm awning range is perfect for both residential applications and work environments. The precision engineered drop arms with integrated gas struts create excellent fabric tension for superior wind resistance. Direct sun is shaded from the window but the design ensures diffuse daylight remains.

  • Markisolettes

    Markisolettes combine the advantages of a vertical awning with those of a drop arm awning. The upper window area is securely shaded from the sun. The lower glazing is protected but daylight enters from the side so that spaces remain light but protected from solar radiation. Views to the exterior are maintained which is an important requirement particularly in work spaces. Markisolettes add interest to a facade particularly for single plane facades where shadow and diversity of color and texture can greatly benefit. With many customisable features and Warema’s famous German quality engineering Markisolettes are a valuable addition to any project.


  • Elliptical Louvres

    When the design calls for full bodied architectural louvres with strength of appearance and high wind resistance elliptical louvres are the clear choice. We offer a range of blade profiles to suit all rectangular applications. Our elliptical louvres are high quality extruded aluminium and engineered for wide spans and easy adaption to building structures. There are endless color options since the system is powder coated or anodised to specification.

  • Fixed Louvres

    Our fixed profile louvres are an economical choice for sunshading and visual privacy in a range of applications. Available in two sizes the profile presents a thin edge in the façade accentuating the architectural form. The unique assembly method reduces site handling and costs allowing large areas to be assembled rapidly and inexpensively. Well proven over many years the Shade Factor V50 and V80 louvres are a popular choice.

  • Rack Arm Louvres

    The Shade Factor Rack arm louvre system positions the louvres in front of the supporting frame so that the louvres remain the main architectural feature. The absence of a perimeter frame also means the system can be adapted to irregular shapes. Circles, trapezoids and many types of asymmetrics present no problem.

Lamaxa Louvres Roofs

  • Lamaxa L60 Louvre Roof

    Lamaxa L60 Louvre roofs from Warema is a free standing structure that covers areas up to 4500mm wide x 6000mm long controlled through Warema's WMS control system with pivotable slats that allow you to control the amount of sun that gets through.

  • Lamaxa L70 Louvre Roof

    Similar to the L60, the Lamaxa L70 Louvre roofs can shade areas up to 4500mm wide x 6000mm long. The difference is that the slats not only pivot but retracts and stack up against the side, opening the roof up.

Bi Fold Screens

  • Motorised Horizontal Bi-Fold Screens

    The Motorised Horizontal Bi-Fold Screens from BeluTec seamlessly integrate with any building facade.

  • Motorised Vertical Bi-Fold Screens

    The Motorised Vertical Bi-Fold Screens form a sleek seamless facade with no visible framing on the top, bottom or sides making them the ultimate way to control heat and glare without spoiling your view.  Unlike manual vertical bi-fold screens which require access to the outside of the facade, ADI Motorised Vertical Bi-Fold Screens can be operated from inside the building via the touch of a button.


  • Amalfi shading an outdoor dining area


    The Amalfi pendulum cantilever has a powerful arm that lifts its shade high above any outdoor dining table or seating area. The smooth-running winch, with detachable stainless steel crank, opens Amalfi in the twinkling of an eye. The auto-locking winch holds the stainless steel cable at every position. 

  • Belvedere umbrella


    Belvedere has a unique and innovative mechanism. It opens and closes with a smooth running lever and a single movement of your arm. When closed, Belvedere is space saving like a centre mast umbrella. When it is opened, it becomes a cantilever umbrella. The optional available stainless steel foot with pedal to unlock makes it very easy to rotate the parasol 360°.

  • Big Ben open outside a waterfront property

    Big Ben

    Big Ben is always the center of attention. The largest of all of the Caravita models, the Big Ben provides large areas of shade coverage and added wind resistance and stability with its large mast.

  • Big Ben Freestyle shading over an outdoor dining area

    Big Ben Freestyle

    The professional restaurant parasol is individually produced according to customer requirements. Shape and size can be freely chosen. Big Ben Freestyle not only guarantees efficient shading, but also creates real design highlights with its unusual shape!

  • Supremo shading an outdoor dining area


    Effortless and balanced sliding mechanism Supremo operates by using a special innovative mechanism. Just push the button the external handle lifts nearly by itself all based on the principle of balance. To secure the locking switch on the handle is in the left position. Double supported struts provide high wind stability. 

  • Samara shading an outdoor dining area


    Samara is a classic market style shade with a simple crank (removable) handle. Opens effortlessly and easily with a few turns. Telescopic so shades can easily be opened and closed over tables. 

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