Lamaxa Louvre Roofs

Lamaxa L50 Louvre Roof

Introducing the L50, the latest addition to the Lamaxa louvred roof range from Warema and the winner of both "Best Product of the Year" award at Plus-X and Red Dot Design Awards in 2021.  The L50 features the same well proven features of its predecessors, but is simplified through the use of a discreet motor within the slat profile and a push rod system to pivot the slats up to 135 degrees. Once closed, the slats lock together to form a waterproof canopy, which reticulates water in to the side channels and in to the supporting legs, which double as downpipes.

Many new additional accessories can be integrated within the system.  These include GranTex, a vertical awning that can be integrated within the crossbeam for additional weather protection and privacy, LED lighting modules as well as color coordinated radiant heaters. The L50 can be integrated with existing structures or installed freestanding.

Price Guide

The starting price for a complete supply and installation of Lamaxa L50 louvre roofs is $50,000, reflecting our commitment to premium quality and meticulous precision in engineering.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Louvres tilt to allow the control of direct sunlight and shade
  • Interlocking louvres create a waterproof roof when closed
  • Integrated drainage system incorporating enclosed gutters and downpipes
  • Able to span up to 6m by 4.5m
  • Integrated with Warema's WMS Control systems
  • Wind resistance up to 1.1 kN/m²
  • Can bear load up to 230 kg/m²
  • Outdoor patio areas
  • Commercial eating areas or public spaces
  • Large glazed skylights
  • Landscape structures
  • Streetscape structures

Components explained

L50 components explained

Sliding elements

Glass sliding panels can be integrated with the system for added style and protection.

GranTex awning

Measuring up to 6m wide, the GranTex with EasyZip guidance provides added weather protection

Colour selection

Lamaxa L50 is available in a wide range of premium quality powdercoat colours.


Glass ceramic heater that can be powdercoated to match the system

LED and RBG Lighting

Remote controllable LED and RBG lights that can be integrated into the slats or within the posts.

WMS radio motor

Located within the slat and allows for remote control.


Double walled rotatable slats that pivot in position. 


Measures data such as solar radiation, temperature, precipitation etc. and enables automatic control of the Lamaxa.

Sliding elements

Sliding panels made of wood and aluminium can be integrated with the Lamaxa for added style and flair.

Integrated drainage system

Integrated drainage system built into the post of the Lamaxa, which post is selectable by end user.


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