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Climara Conservatory Awnings

  • W7

    The Climara W7 conservatory awning features a cantilevered design that allows the awning to visually float above its supporting structure. This innovative concept gives freedom to the designer and allows the conservatory awning to adapt to myriad roof types where side guided awnings would not be possible. 

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  • W9

    The Climara W9 Conservatory Awnings are installed under glass conservatories which excellently protects the fabric against the effects of weather.

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  • W10

    The Climara W10 Conservatory Awning is a large capacity conservatory awning with a difference. Warema's unique side tensioning system maintains fabric tension in both directions and conceals the light gap that is normally seen between fabric and guiderail. The fabric is drawn and extended with a unique spring steel slat concealed in the guiderails. 

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  • W19

    The Climara W19 Conservatory Awning is our large capacity conservatory awning suitable for widths or projections of up to 6 metres. The fabric is drawn with a pair of toothed belts concealed in the guiderails. 

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  • W20

    The Climara W20 Conservatory Awning from Warema features a newly designed slim cassette to protect the fabric when not in use and utilizes the patented new Warema Secudrive® guidance system.

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  • D3

    The Climara D3 Conservatory awning completes the picture for multifaceted glazed hip roofs. The operating principle ensures that the awning always draws square, accurately and smoothly. Rectangular awning Type W19 is a partner product which utilizes the same cassette profile.

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