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Pergola Awnings

What is a Pergola Awning?

A Pergola Awning, as its name implies, is a pergola structure with a fabric canopy that can be extended and contracted to modulate the amount of desired shade. Pergola Awnings are fixed at one end to a solid structure such as a wall or eave and are supported at the other end by integrated legs.

What are the benefits of a Pergola Awning?

Pergola Awnings are:

  • Aesthetically pleasing and complement most domestic and commercial outdoor spaces. The P20, P40 and P60 models have a fabric awning that retracts on to a roll (within an enclosure) and the P70 uses a retracting pleated design.
  • Able to cover very large areas of up to 6.5m wide by 7m deep.
  • Highly robust and long lasting due to exceptional materials, engineering and a unique fabric tensioning system called SecuDrive, which keeps fabric under optimal tension to eliminate sagging or other common problems.
  • Wind stable, since the supporting legs provide excellent structural strength
  • Efficient, since the fabric translucency can be selected and the awning can be opened or closed to the desired position, either for sun or shade.
  • Highly versatile. The P60 model has integrated gutters within the top rails and the legs act as downpipes, so the awning can be used in rain. Most models can accomodate integrated vertical zip blinds in one or more of the sides. Combined with optional integrated LED lighting and heaters, this provides outdoor spaces that can be used at all hours and in all seasons.

How does the Warema range work? What are the options?

Pergola Awnings are available to suit a variety of situations and price points:

  • P20, our newest model, is also the most affordable. The P20 uses a square enclosure and can cover an area of up to 6.5m in width and a depth of up to 6m (square meterage depends on fabric selection).
  • P40 (straight rail or curved rail). Red Dot Award winning awning available to order in width up to 6.5m and depth of 7m depending on fabric selection.
  • P60 weather resistant model. Plus X Award winning model with weather resistant PVC awning, integrated rain gutters and downpipes and SecuDrive, to keep fabric under optimal tension. Awnings can be ordered in widths up to 6m and depth up to 5m.
  • P70 Pleated weather resistant awning. Similar features to the P60 but with a pleated awning design and an order width of up to 6m and depth of up to 6m.

How large an area can they cover?

Pergola Awnings can be ordered up to 6.5m wide by 7m deep (P40 model) so they are able to cover very large areas.

How much wind can they handle?

Warema Pergola Awnings have excellent wind stability because they are fixed to solid structure at one end and have supporting legs at the other that are in turn fixed to the ground (a number of options are available for different scenarios). Awnings also have an intermediate cross-member that provides rigidity to the structure. As with all our motorised awnings, we recommend that a wind sensor is included so that the awning can retract in to a safe position when wind gets too strong.

How are they operated?

Awnings can either be operated manually using a crank handle or by electric motor. Generally we recommend the use of a motor so that protective wind-sensoring can be used

How are they mounted? What do I need to consider

There are three methods of mounting depending on where the awning is to be mounted and the required height:

  • Wall mounting, where the awning is fixed back to a walll with solid sub-structure (beam or similar).
  • Ceiling mounting, where the mounting brackets are driven vertically in to solid structure.
  • Rafter mounting, where the brackets fix to a rafter member and protrude up through the roof structure.

Speak to us about the specifics of your situation

How do I clean and maintain my Pergola Awning?

For all information about product cleaning and care, including downloadable instructions, please click here.

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