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Shade Umbrellas

Shade Factor is now collaborating with Caravita, a leading brand in the manufacture of high-grade umbrellas for commercial and residential use. What sets Caravita apart is their ultra-high-strength frames, clever folding and retracting mechanisms and stunning aesthetics. 

There are 6 sophisticated models to choose from.

New models coming soon - Click here for the full Brochure to see what's coming!


The Amalfi pendulum cantilever has a powerful arm that lifts its shade high above any outdoor dining table or seating area. The smooth-running winch, with detachable stainless steel crank, opens Amalfi in the twinkling of an eye. The auto-locking winch holds the stainless steel cable at every position. 

Available in 1, 2 and 4 canopy variations.


Belvedere has a unique and innovative mechanism. It opens and closes with a smooth running lever and a single movement of your arm. When closed, Belvedere is space saving like a centre mast umbrella. When it is opened, it becomes a cantilever umbrella. The optional available stainless steel foot with pedal to unlock makes it very easy to rotate the parasol 360°.

Big Ben

Big Ben is always the center of attention. The largest of all of the Caravita models, the Big Ben provides large areas of shade coverage and added wind resistance and stability with its large mast.

Big Ben Freestyle

Where standard sizes are not enough, Big Ben Freestyle can be used. The professional restaurant parasol is individually produced according to customer requirements. Shape and size can be freely chosen. With a side length of up to 7 m and a surface of up to 36 m², Big Ben Freestyle not only guarantees efficient shading, but also creates real design highlights with its unusual shape!


Effortless and balanced sliding mechanism Supremo operates by using a special innovative mechanism. Just push the button the external handle lifts nearly by itself all based on the principle of balance. To secure the locking switch on the handle is in the left position. Double supported struts provide high wind stability. 


Samara is a classic market style shade with a simple crank (removable) handle. Opens effortlessly and easily with a few turns. Telescopic so shades can easily be opened and closed over tables. 

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