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Asymmetric External Venetian Blinds

Warema asymmetrical external venetian blinds provide complete exterior sun-shading control to asymmetrical window shapes. Designers now have the freedom to include a range of window designs in areas subject to high radiant load. The special telescopic base rail together with an advanced mechanical operating system allows this type of external venetian blind to both tilt and fully retract; The solution is unique and the operation, accurate and smooth. Large and multisided shapes can be solved with a series of blinds.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Small packet size
  • Fully adjustable and retractable
  • Range of shapes possible
  • 80 mm slat width
  • Motorised operation only
  • Special flexible alloy slat material
  • Extensive color range available
  • Good wind stability (10-12 m/s) when installed close to the glass
  • Tilts through 80 degrees
  • Perforated slats are available
  • Discreet stainless steel guide rod
  • Rectangular product type E80SRG offers matched appearance
  • All 4 sided shapes where the vertical edges are parallel
  • Multisided shapes divisible into elements with vertical parallel edges
  • Glazed gable ends
  • Glazing under skillion roofs
  • Parallelograms for example at staircase voids
Asymmetric external venetian blinds
Internal view of asymmetric external venetian blinds
External view of asymmetric venetian blinds on a residential project
Asymmetric External venetian blinds on a window
Asymmetrical external venetian blinds on the side of a house
Asymmetric external venetian blinds on a window
Close up of the mount used on a commercial project

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