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External Venetian Blinds

External Venetian Blinds are all about creating comfortable, energy-efficient internal spaces:

  • Heat gain through glass can be reduced by up to 90% (depending on glazing, window specifications and other factors), which keeps the internal temperature more consistent and cuts down on the need for air conditioning
  • Occupants can still enjoy the view out whilst controlling the intensity of natural light via the tilting slats; daytime lighting costs are greatly reduced
  • In winter, external venetian blinds act as an insulator, helping to conserve heat and reduce artificial heating
  • Combined with sophisticated climate monitoring and automation, external venetians become a living element of the facade, adapting and moving to maintain optimum light and internal comfort
  • Venetian slats serve the dual purpose of modulating sunlight and creating privacy
  • Special slat types are available for meeting a variety of sun-shading scenarios
  • External Venetian Blinds are designed to complement the look of most architectural designs

Warema's external venetian blinds are accredited non-combustible under the NCC.  If you are working on a commercial project, in particular buildings higher than two levels, ask our expert team for a copy of the fire report, written by an Australian accredited fire testing laboratory.

Available Slat Profiles
  • Rolled edge (also known as beaded slats) profile is the most popular style due to its concave-convex blade with the advantage of a rolled over edge for extra wind stability. The blade rotates through 160°.

    S Rolled-Edge Slats

    External Venetians rolled edge 80S slat
  • Flat edge profile features a fine edge slat that barely interrupts the view and stacks into a compact space. The blades are manufactured from a special flexible aluminium alloy that spring-returns to shape if deflected in wind.

    Flat-Edge Slats

  • Warema’s dim-out profile offers the rigidity of a rolled edge slat with a unique special interlocking shape that greatly reduces daylight. Each slat is formed with a rubber insert that creates a gentle seal between slats. Two slat widths and a range of tailored components allow dim-out blinds to adapt to a multitude of building types and construction methods.

    Warema's new Zetra slat perfectly embodies the current architectural trends and impresses with its improved functionality in terms of dim-out capability, wind stability and room illumination. The Zetra slat 80 Z for external blinds received the Red Dot Design Award 2022 for its excellent design.

    Dim-Out Slats

  • Our cedar slat version offers the significant benefits of external sun shading combined with a warm natural appearance. Premium Western Red Cedar is coated with SIKKENS clear finish to enhance the natural colors and provide long lasting protection. Over time the color will soften to grey, harmonizing with other timber elements of the design.

    Cedar Slat

  • Warema's Windra 80 WF, the market's leading wind-resistant flat slat. Specifically designed for challenging facades exposed to strong winds, the Windra sun shading system, with rail or cable guidance, excels in withstanding speeds of up to 90 km/h.

    Windra Flat-Edge Slat


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