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Warema Climatronic System

Warema's Climatronic System is a feature rich control automation system suitable for homes and buildings small and large that measures climate information and operates products intelligently to achieve interior comfort and energy efficiency.

Climatronic uses a Bus protocol meaning that communication within the system uses data rather than simple current switching. All components are addressable with the advantages that wiring is simplified and reconfiguration or expansion of the system is possible at any time.

Principle components are a control screen, a series of actuators and a weather station. The actuators are either surface mounted or installed in a switchboard and for wiring convenience are available in modules of 4 or 6 sets of outputs. The control automation program is designed to operate an extensive range of products and can be adapted to many different control requirements.

Warema is a manufacturer of sunshading products and their control automation systems established in 1955. Many years of experience and thermal understanding of buildings therefore form the starting point for the program. Additionally however lighting, ventilation and many other devices can be intelligently controlled and integrated into a total energy saving and comfort concept.

Scenes can be formed, families of products can be freely assembled into switching groups and automatic programs can run whilst preserving customizable local overrides. The system can be used as a complete home automation system or can work in conjunction with other such systems providing a higher level control to sunshading and ventilation devices.

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