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Self-Supporting External Venetian Blinds

The slats of self-supporting external venetian blinds run in a structural guide rail that supports the pelmet and eliminates the need for a pelmet fixing point. A range of rail profiles and pelmet designs provide different visual effects and serve to express the blind as a bold façade element. It is therefore often used to add depth and colour to a facade. The self-supporting type can be utilized with all blade profiles and drive types.

Key Features
  • Highly rigid guide rails minimize fixing points to facade
  • Suitable for all blade profiles
  • Easy planning and installation
  • Bold façade elements
  • Choice of pelmet designs
  • Daylight guidance feature available
  • Projects where the blind pelmet is situated in front of the glass
  • Vertically framed curtain facades
  • Designs where guide rails and pelmet are to be expressed
  • Designs where only end fixing of guide rails is possible
  • Guide railed applications set at a greater distance from the façade

Wall-Integrated External Venetian Blinds

This specialized form of external venetian blind is designed to be incorporated within the wall structure during construction. The module is encapsulated in a sealed cfc free polystyrene case to minimize heat transfer and is an ideal solution for buildings in alpine and cooler climates. For warmer climates experienced in most of Australasia a standard venetian type using a soffit recess created on site is the normal solution.

The facade integrated modules also feature an extremely low stacking depth when the offset head rail version is used. A roller insect screen can be integrated.

Key Features
  • Concealment in the soffit or head of window reveal.
  • Minimal heat loss through housing.
  • All slat profiles are available.
  • Energy efficient buildings for colder climates.
  • Insulated timber framed buildings with sheet cladding.
  • European style concrete inner shell buildings.
  • Alpine projects.
  • Applications where minimal stacking depth is available.
Slat profiles available
  • Rolled Edge Slats

    Rolled edge profile is the most popular style due to its concave-convex blade with the advantage of a rolled over edge for extra wind stability. The blade rotates through 160°.


    • Suitable for most applications.
    • 60 or 80mm wide blades.
    • Extensive colour selection available.
    • Special colours can be manufactured for large projects.
    • Highly wind-stable (12-15 m/s).
    • Daylight guidance feature available.
    • Ladder locked slats.
    • Extensive customisable features.
    • Wide span between support cables.
    • Guide rails or guide cables.


    • Residential and commercial sun shading of vertical glass.
    • Office environments.
    • Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) buildings for Green Star compliance.
    • “Off the glass” applications (with reduced wind threshold settings).
    • Self-supporting version available.
  • Plain Blade

    Plain blade profile features a fine edge slat that barely interrupts the view and stacks into a compact space. The blades are manufactured from a special flexible aluminium alloy that spring-returns to shape if deflected in wind.


    • Small packet/stack size
    • 50, 60, 80, 100, 150mm slat widths available
    • Special flexible alloy slat material
    • Extensive colour range available
    • Special colorus can be manufactured for large projects
    • Good wind stability (10-12 m/s) when installed close to the glass
    • Daylight guidance feature available. “Daylight guidance” means that a Warema control system makes automatic adjustments to slats throughout the day, which keeps internal levels consistent, without excess glare
    • Ladder locked slats
    • Extensive customizable features
    • Tilts through 80°
    • Perforated slats are available
    • Guide rails or guide cables
    • Self-supporting version available


    • External sun shading of vertical glass for residential and commercial buildings
    • Office environments
    • Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) buildings for Green Star compliance
    • Windows with no (or limited) space available for stacking of the slats
    • Double skin façade projects
    • Internal glare control for retail applications
    • Façade compositional elements
  • Dim-Out Slats

    Warema’s dim-out profile offers the rigidity of a rolled edge slat with a unique special interlocking shape that greatly reduces daylight. Each slat is formed with a rubber insert that creates a gentle seal between slats. Two slat widths and a range of tailored components allow dim-out blinds to adapt to a multitude of building types and construction methods.


    • Unique S shape with noise-deadening rubber inserts
    • 63 & 94mm slat widths available
    • Multifold shape provides excellent rigidity
    • Extensive colour range available
    • Special colours can be manufactured for large projects
    • Daylight guidance feature available
    • Special ladder cords that provide complete slat closure
    • Optional light diminishing channels to enclose slat ends
    • Extensive customizable features
    • Tilts through 180°
    • Sound attenuation
    • Self-supporting version available


    • External sun shading of vertical glass for residential and commercial buildings where a higher degree of light protection or privacy is required
    • Presentation rooms where AV equipment is used
    • Laboratories
    • Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) buildings for Green Star compliance
    • Locations subject to excessive glare from adjoining facades
    • Noisy locations.
  • Cedar Slat

    Our cedar slat version offers the significant benefits of external sun shading combined with a warm natural appearance. Premium Western Red Cedar is coated with SIKKENS clear finish to enhance the natural colors and provide long lasting protection. Over time the color will soften to grey, harmonizing with other timber elements of the design.


    • 6mm slat thickness provides excellent weathering and stability
    • 80 mm slat width
    • Unique rigid base rail maintains a neat and level stack appearance when retracted
    • A range of Sikkens “Cetol” & “Supernatural” stain colors can be selected
    • Clear lacquer finish available for internal applications
    • Daylight guidance feature available
    • Slats tilt through 160 degrees
    • Special coated stainless steel guide cables for long life
    • Other suitable timber species are possible


    • External sun shading of vertical glass for residential and low rise commercial buildings where a natural appearance is desired
    • Internal applications where size requirements exceed standard cedar blind dimensions
    • Internal applications where high traffic/usage areas require that a higher grade of timber Venetian blind be used
Self supporting external venetian blinds on the facade of a commercial building
Self supporting external venetian blinds on a residential house
Close up of self supporting external venetian blind
Self supporting external venetian blinds on the side of a residential house
Internal view of Self supporting External venetian blinds in a house
Close up of Self supporting external venetian blinds on a house

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