111 Eagle St, Brisbane - Shade Factor
111 Eagle St Brisbane
Corporation & Office

55 level office tower with 6 star Green Star energy rating


Project Details

  • Project reference
    111 Eagle Street, Brisbane
  • Builder
    Leighton Construction
  • Architect
    Cox Architecture
  • Scope
    Selve 40mm motors
    Vestamatic SMI motors
    LONWorks Control System
  • Size
    45 Floors


A Brisbane blind retailer “Décor Blinds” was contracted to supply the 4450 motorised blinds and Shade Factor was sub contracted to provide the motors and control system inclusive of wiring.

The control system was required to integrate with a BACNet Building Management System (BMS) and drive the blinds to maximise the energy efficiency of the building.


BMS Integrated LONworks control system

LONworks is a widely employed international automation technology  for the engineering of complex energy saving strategies in construction and other industries. In this project Shade Factor utilised the market leading components and programming expertise of our German partner Warema to automate 4800 blinds which track the sun and neighbourhood shadows to provide glare free workspaces and reduced heat gain in these premium office spaces.

The physical network consists of a vertical backbone running the full height of the building routed to local networks of motor control units on each floor.

Using a single roof mounted sensor the system mathematically calculates the sun position at any moment in time and together with other logic provides a range of sophisticated functions for occupant comfort:

  • A sun function that lowers and raises blinds once a brightness level has been exceeded and a delay time has expired
  • A weekend function that increases the delay time, therefore reducing the number of blind movements and saving power usage
  • A light penetration function that adjusts the height of the blinds incrementally so that sunlight always extends to a maximum of 1 metre from the façade
  • An evening function that raises all blinds so that the special lighting effects of the tower can be seen
  • A local control function that allows occupants to override the automatic system until a holding time elapses
  • An “Annual Shading” that analyses the built environment and retracts blinds when they fall into the shadow of adjoining buildings

The control installation was completed on time, within budget and with full compliance to the builder’s specification. A learning phase followed where via remote connection Shade Factor adjusted various parameters to fine tune the installation to the daily life of the building. Each tenant had different requests for local operation and therefore whilst the automatic features were required to be consistent throughout the building the Warema LON system was locally interfaced to operate the blinds via Dynalite, C-Bus, Crestron, AMX as well as wall switches, remote controls, and Warema LONworks control screens.

  • 111 Eagle St Brisbane at night

    Evening function

    All blinds rise so that the special lighting effects of the tower can be seen
  • Shading Model

    Shadow flow model

    An “Annual Shading” model that analyses the built environment and retracts blinds when they fall into the shadow of adjoining buildings

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